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“RECYCLED VROOM-VROOMS” Benefit Art Exhibition Stopped Traffic at this Year’s KAABOO Del Mar

Friday, November 24, 2017

“RECYCLED VROOM-VROOMS” KAABOO Del Mar, Curated by Shawni Groves - The art featured in the inaugural benefit exhibition, was created by artists inspired by all forms of transportation.  Some of the works from this included in this pictorial are for sale. Please email me for the price list and image catalog. Net proceeds from the sale of art will benefit charity.
"For the Children", photograph
(upper left-hand corner) Photographer: Erwin Recinos
"Nobody's Fault But Mine", neon. Artist: Kelly "RISK" Graval
This past September, I curated a benefit art show entitled: “Recycled Vroom-Vrooms”, on behalf of a client I worked for at that time. The show took place at the KAABOO Del Mar 2017 Contemporary Art Fair, in San Diego, CA. This inaugural benefit exhibition featured exclusive works of art made from salvaged automotive parts, in addition to works on canvas and wood, limited edition prints on recycled bamboo paper, fine art p…


This unsorted and non-chronological album of photographs, will cover 2009-through present day. All photos were taken by me, Shawni Groves. Most of the photos with lengthy captions I copied from my social media accounts. I will be adding more, including copy, locations and dates. I'll also do my best to catalog my vast collection of street art photos from 2009 until today. Please feel free to share these if you'd like. I ask you to please add: #PhotobyShawniGroves and my @UrbanHeartShawni. Please do not use any of my images for any other reason without first receiving my consent. Thank you.
Click to get started and scroll forward from there, or just read them in the way they appear here. If you have any questions or comments please email me, I'd love to hear from you. Most importantly, I hope my photographs make you smile, or encourage you, or inspire you in some way. Peace.

New Year's Eve, 2016

Delicious Vinyl logo in their parking lot off of Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood.